Our Healing Philosophy - Healing By Design - What We Do
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At Healing by Design we integrate select natural therapies that have broad healing capabilities. Through these therapies the diverse complaints in the “Conditions Treated” under Patient Support section can be helped or eliminated. The healing framework is powerful, yet the concept is simple. Our programs consist of careful assessment, treatment, and monitoring of each patient each visit, and focuses on the following:


Management and Elimination of Chemical, Structural and Emotional/Soul Level Stressors.


From the moment we are born into this world we are subject to all types of stress. Everything from falling on the ski slopes (structural), to eating crummy food (chemical) or going through an emotional trauma like losing a loved one to death or going through divorce (emotional). As our body comes across stress whether it be chemical, structural or emotional in nature it adapts to whatever it’s exposed to. Without this adaptation, we die. Ex: Your child comes home from school with the flu and sneezes all over you. You have now been exposed to the flu virus. If your body does not adapt properly and create a proper immune response you get sick and symptoms manifest sometimes resulting in death if your immune system isn’t up to the challenge.  Eventually, our bodies reach a point where the body can no longer adapt effectively and dis-ease or dysfunction in the body manifests signaling the owner of the body to take action to remove whatever stressors are causing the imbalance. This is the reason most of us go to the doctor.


Course corrections could include eating more nutritious food, exercising more effectively or getting out of a toxic relationship that is emotionally draining you etc. Whatever the nature of your stress factors its hard to know sometimes on your own which are causing what in your body. That’s where we come in. At Healing by Design through our diagnostic procedures, we identify how to assist the body in eliminating (chemical, structural, emotional) stressors and creating a buffer for future stress you will most certainly encounter throughout your life.


Blood, lymph, nerve, and “energy” circulation throughout the body and to vital organs, which is generally diminished and unbalanced.


This is assessed by manual exam with advanced applied kinesiology, and by techniques Dr. Anderson has put together in the field of “energy healing.”


Diminished circulation, then stagnation of energy and toxicity develops in the body due to physical injuries, blockages of the spine, circulation, having improper diet and bowel elimination problems, past emotional trauma, and negative subconscious memories. This results in:


(a) An acid environment (low pH) developing in the body, and (b) a reduced capacity for oxygenation.


There is strong belief in holistic therapies that those two conditions are common predisposing factors in all degenerative diseases. We treat patients so that they achieve optimal pH (which can be measured by oral test strips) and better oxygenation capacity.


The potential of the body to harbor chronic infection, with a primary reservoir in the intestines.


Numerous procedures are used to restore healthy bowel and digestive function. Especially important is spinal alignment (which is often achieved in a few visits.) This is accomplished using adjusting techniques specific to each individual, and range from non-force adjustments which use no physical thrust to gentle spinal, soft tissue, and cranial (skull) adjustments. Also, herbal drainage and detox, as well as selected nutritional supplements, are essential. Use of high quality probiotic supplements specific for your needs can also be key.


How well body tissues discharge and eliminate toxicity.


If patients are suffering from a tendency to harbor chronic infections (a core cause of chronic low energy), we employ frequency therapies to accelerate healing, promote longer lasting benefits from chiropractic adjustments, and create a more permanent level of health.


If you would like to meet Dr. Anderson and desire more information before committing to care, just ask to be scheduled for a brief complimentary consultation. 



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