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Natural Treatment for MIGRAINE HEADACHES


Migraine headaches are so disabling, and the pain in the head area can be so strong that the sufferer would naturally be convinced something inside the head must be responsible for the throbbing, exploding, or constricting, boring pressure that is often experienced and with the visual disturbance as well.



Using diagnostic techniques that have arisen in the discipline of Applied Kinesiology, Dr. Anderson is able to measure with neuromuscular reflex testing which systems are failing the most that are related to the onset of migraine headaches. What is generally found is that migraines are truly a metabolic, multi-systemic phenomenon with a number of causes. That is why it is not always a quick fix. It is also why classifications of headaches that come out of mainstream medicine (pharmaceutically directed as it is) may not apply so much in integrative natural healing and chiropractic.


In migraine sufferers, irritation and spasm is often found to be occurring in the end of the small intestine where it joins the large intestine. This is called the ileocecal valve area. When this area is affected, waste material is not propelled through the large intestine correctly, and a serious toxic condition can gradually arise that, in a sense, is poisoning you. This is part of what is responsible for many so-called “migraines.” In fact, this problem is often a part of most types of headaches. Migraines can also be caused by some of the following:


  • Displacement at the base of the skull and vertebral displacement in the neck can seriously disturb blood supply to the head and that is often part of most serious headaches.


  • Additionally, environmental sensitivity to toxins from mold (myco-toxins), sometimes prevalent in some construction in Utah, can be part of long-term chronic neurotoxin exposure responsible for headache.


  • Memories of emotional trauma stored in the unconscious mind are always evaluated at Healing by Design, and neurologically transformed and minimized using Emotional Recall Technique and others.


  • Dehydration is probably one of the most common causes of headaches in general. In order to properly treat many forms of headache proper hydration needs to be addressed.


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