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At Healing By Design often we see many patients that are undergoing various cancer treatments. One of the deficiencies or holes we find in typical cancer treatment and Western medicine response to cancer is in addressing the cause of why certain cancers manifest in the body. Typical cancer treatments consist of radiation, chemotherapy or surgery. These are used in crisis situations when cancer has grown out of control and the body can no longer keep up in its elimination. With certain cancers these methods can be effective but fail miserably with others.



With cancer treatment there are a few things that need to be understood to not only eliminate cancer but doing those things necessary to address the CAUSE of cancer manifestation and prevent it from coming back. How many times have we all heard stories of people who have undergone chemotherapy, radiation, surgery receive a clean bill of health and then hear that their cancer has returned a year or two later? The answer is all to often. I have marveled at this disease having lost family and friends of my own. Chances are you know someone who has died from cancer may it be someone in your family; a friend or other loved one. Cancer is surrounded with a lot of misinformation and fear. We have spent years as a society “walking for the cure” raising billions of dollars and yet we are still using the same methods to treat while the therapies used cost hundreds of thousands of dollars wiping out savings and leaving many families broke. On the flip side we hear many people say, “Yeah I tried the natural stuff but it didn’t work”. It is this doctor’s opinion that the answer to cancer lies in the middle of western allopathic medicine and a comprehensive holistic approach.


In order to treat cancer appropriately and received the desired outcome one must fully understand what they are dealing with in their treatment approach. There are 3 ideas we suggest understanding before embarking in your cancer treatment or assisting others with theirs.




Every body, even healthy bodies, produce thousands of cancer cells daily. Yet, not everyone is diagnosed with cancer because the body is supposed to manage and kill these cells when functioning properly.




Cancer involves mutations of normal, healthy cells that result in changes in a cells DNA. While medical science has often seen these mutations as random gene expressions, there’s a growing body of medical research that suggests that the mutations are not random, but follow adaptation and survival patterns. The cells are changing their structures to survive against an internal and external assault on the body. These cells are replicating as fast as they can and putting up defense mechanisms to preserve their own existence.




The promising truth is that cancer cannot flourish in a healthy body. Cancer tends to show up when a person is sick! Ultimately, cancer is a symptom, not a disease. It’s a side effect that occurs when the body is not functioning and healing at a high level, and so allowing these bad cells to accumulate in the body in abundance. If your immune functions and immune supporting systems are operating optimally, your body will deploy cancer killing cells and chemicals at the right time, at the right place, and in the right amounts to destroy cancer and eliminate cancer causing agents.


At Healing by Design we focus on showing our patients that cancer is a natural consequence of repeated exposure to stresses in the body that have not been addressed appropriately and therefore tend cause extreme dysfunction and overwhelm. When the body is in “overwhelm” we have great difficulty in adapting to new stress whether they be chemical, structural, emotional or soul/spirit level in nature. The cells of our body don’t just mutate randomly per genetics. They are adapting to a poisoned environment (internal and external) as a survival mechanism. As a result, your immune system comes to a point at which it can no longer cope with these mutations, because the poisoned environment hasn’t changed and is still forcing cells to mutate.   To understand this immunity fact better, you need only look at the side effects from any of the drugs that reduce the body’s immune function. One admitted side effect in the literature of these drugs is always a heightened risk of tumors developing.


If you view it that way, it’s easy to see why the answer is not injecting more toxins into your body. Instead, solutions should involve detoxifying and taking out the stresses (chemical, structural, emotional) that are causing these mutations and adaptations. This is turn supports your body’s own inherent defense system and your body is once again empowered to heal itself and kill cancer by design.


Let us help you get back on track!